We are glad to introduce our FROSCO Biomatic Grease Interceptor.
A complete system of FROSCO Automatic Biomatic Grease Interceptor comprises:

1. Frosco Biomatic Grease Interceptor.
2. Frosco FV-5000 Automatic Dosing Unit.
3. Froscozyme Biomatic Liquid Enzyme.
4. Frosco Aeration Pump (needed only for BIG size of grease interceptor).

FROSCO Automatic Biomatic Grease Interceptor System is backed-up by:
• More than 21 years experience (since 1985) in the market in dealing with biomatic grease interceptor system.
• Technical and consultancy advise and support from highly qualified and experience Consultant and Specialist.

Engineers and architects of today have shown an increasing concerns over the 'pollution' and problems caused by accumulated grease and oily waste in drain lines and the subsequent discharge into sewage disposal plants, rivers, lakes, streams and other waterways.

In order to avoid the direct passage of grease into the drainage system, it is necessary to provide a grease interceptor. FROSCO Automatic Biomatic Grease Interceptor System is a more effective, hygienic and environmental friendly approach to grease interception, which meets the need and demand of today's modern living.

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