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The design allows the introduction of any type of liquids for separation so long as there is sufficient specific gravity differential to allow gravity separation.

It is must complete with 4 layer of baffle screen, sediment bucket and deep seal integral trap, to effectively intercept and separate the oil from water. It achieves an average of about 99% of oil removal for intermittent and variable flows of water, oil or any combination of non-emulsified oil / water mixtures when the hydraulic retention time (HRT) is > 5 minutes.

The design must also complete with oil 'draw off' for channeling and separating oil to a separate oil storage tank pending for periodic maintenance disposal.

Interceptor material :


Correct sizing of oil interceptor is important and crucial:
1. It avoids under-utilisation due to excessive over-sizing.
2. It avoids backflow of oily waste water due to under-sizing.
3. It ensures adequate hydraulic retention time of oily waste water in the interceptor, to achieves optimum separation of oil from water, and thus the maximum % of interception of oil.

Steps to size FROSCO Oil Interceptor
1. Estimate the peak volume of waste water [see note i] either in litres /sec. or gallon/min.
2. Select the oil interceptor model with flow rating equal to peak volume.
3. Provide storage tank [see note ii] size sufficient to accommodate the volumes of liquids to be having the anticipated frequency of removal.

(A) Sizing Method
(1) Covered Area
Peak Flowrate:
Total of hose outlets, equipments etc that continuous discharging to drain line at one time
Example: (Waste Water from Washing sinks)
Sink size: 40 X 30 X 15 cm = 18,000 cc = 18 Litres

To fill up the sink with full water, and discharge it, and to check the time taken to fully discharge the water. It is recorded the time taken is about 30 seconds.
Thus, the flowrate is 18 litres /30 sec. = 8 GPM

(2) Open Area (Uncovered)
Peak Flowrate :
Total area (Length(meter) x Width(meter) x Rainfalls (mm/sec.)
Example: (An open car wash bay area) .
Length = 20 meter, Width=10 meter, Rainfall = 50 mm/hour
Therefore, Peak Flowrate = (20 x 10 x 50/3600 = 2.78 litres / sec.

(B) Sizing for Oil Storage Tank
i To estimate the volume of oil into the interceptor
ii Frequency of maintenance routine (once a month, twice a month, etc.)
iii Size the oil storage tank double the size of the total accumulated oil during the period {50% of oil + 50% of water) to cater for the requirements.

Example: An average of 5 litres daily of black oil is spilled and washed away into the drain lines. Assuming that the contractor (licensed by DOE) is scheduled to come and collect the waste black oil once a months. The total black oil accumulated in 30 days time is about 150 litres. The capacity for oil storage should be double = 300 litres.

Note: The above sizing methods are just a guideline only. In order to achieve better affluent water range, kindly refer to the manufacturer/supplier for further advise.



Ensure that only Oil Is taken from interceptor
1. Normally used in automatic installation with drawn-off oil collecting in storage tank. This setting will retain a layer of oil in the interceptor

2. If during the normal working condition, water is found entering the draw-off, adjust draw-off upward from 1/8" to 1/4".

Ensure that AlL OIL is removed from Interceptor
1. Normally used with manual draw-off installation. This setting will allow water to enter the draw-off line.

2. If during the normal working condition, oil is found to be remaining in the interceptor:
• For manual installation : Draw-off oil more frequently and or lower draw- off by another 1/8".
* For automatic installation: Lower draw-off by another 1/8".


BELT TYPE SKIMMER for use with .................
Metalworking Coolants
Parts Washer Fluids
Pressure Spray Water
Water Treatment Systems

Mini-Skimmer™ have been in use throughtout the world since 1980. Thousand are used daily to remove unwanted floating or 'tramp' oils.

They are small, run very quietly, and use a very dependable permanent magnet motor. Standard models for industrial users include oil pick-up rate to 4 gallons/hour, loose or fixed tail pulley design, and a choice of polyurethane (for coolants & oil/water) or stainless steel (for parts washing) belts in four sizes.

Special skimmer with other options such as special belt lengths (to 20 ft), two belts, stainless motor covers.

Lifts 1 quart to 4 gallons per hour! Polyurethane belts for coolants! Stainless steel belts for partswashers! Four standard belt lengths! Special belt lengths to 20 ft. Loose or fixed tail pulley systems! Mounts on vertical/horizontal surfaces! World's smallest! Fits into tiny spaces! Dependable permanent magnet motor! Steel or stainless wetted parts!


The Motor : High quality, quiet & dependable permanent magnet motor with stainless steel sheath & six ft. cord. 115v with USA type three prong plug, 220v with Euro two prong plug.

The Belt : 1" wide flat polyurethane belt has great adherance for floating oils. Two standard lengths - 8" or 12" from mounting bracket base to the lowest point.

Oil Pick-up : A choice! 1Orpm will lift approx. 1 quart per hour. 30rpm collects approx. 7 quarts per hour.

The Other Parts : Nylon drive pulley, stainless steel mounting bracket & scraper / trough assembly. Steel tail pulley and supporting bar (holds tail pulley in place).

Warranty : One year, from shipment to user, covering manufacturing defects only.

Use For : Coolants, other oil / water applications in wastewater or water treatment below 120F. Not for use with parts washers.

Model DBS answers the world's needs for high quality, low cost belt oil skimmer for metalworking coolants!

Note: Belt lengths can be easily made for reaching from 2" to 50ft!


1" Wide Belt Skimmers For Use With Metalworking COOLANTS and Wastewater Applications
Many thousands of Mini-Skimmer™ have been used throughout the world since 1990 for removing tramp oils from coolants & wastewater. There are choices of polyurethane belts - Cog type on MSB & lower cost Flat type on Model DBS, with five choices on standard "reach" lengths & two oil collection rates. Custom units can be built with reach lengths to 10 ft. down from the mounting base and with stainless steel metal parts and belts.

• 5 Belt Reach Choices From 5" to 24" Down!
• Choices of Cogged of\r Flat Polyurethene Belt!
• Steel Stabilizer Bar Holds Tail Pulley in place!
• Dependable, Quiet Permanent Magnet Motor!
• Choice of 1 Qt(ltr) or 1 Gal (4 ltrs) per Hour!
• Small Size - Fits Almost Anywhere!
• Thousands Sold Worldwide Since 1990!

Manufacturers of Oil Skimmers, Blowers and Filter/Ventilator Systems


For Central Coolant Systems and Wastewater/Watertreatment Systems
MAXI-Skimmers™ are a recent development to provide industry with an economical, coorosion-free, wide belt skimmer for central coolant tanks, wastewater and water treatment applications with collection rates from 2.5 to 10 gallons per hour. Economy is gained by using many components which are purchased in volume for other designs!

• Economical Cost and Dependable Operation!
• Choice of 2.5, 5.0 or 10 Gallons per Hour Collection!
• Std. Belt Lengths to 10ft. - Can be made to 50 ft. down!
• Handles Fluctuating Liquid Levels!
• No Corrosion - All Stainless & Polymer Materials!
• Takes Little Space & is Easy to install!
• Furnished as a Complete System with Accessories!

• Uses 2-4" wide Polyurethane or Stainless Steel Belt!
• Uses Quiet & Dependable Hurst Permanent Magnet Motor!
• UHMW Bearing - Grade Polymer Sraper Blade!
• Choice Of Three Standard Collection Rates!
• Nice Appearance!
• 1 Year Limited Warranty!

Accessories (included)!
• Time For Automatic Control - Three Settings/24 Hrs!
• Ground Fault Interrupter for Electrical Safety!
• 3 Foot Oil Outlet Extension Hose!

Manufacturers of Oil Skimmers, Blowers and Filter/Ventilator Systems


1. To fill up the FROSCO Oil Interceptor with clean water, free of oil, dirt or
other contaminants when it is properly installed.

2. The amount of debris such as sand, gravel, dirt, leavs, grass
cutting, etc, permitted to enter the system must be minimised. Sediment bucket should be inspected and cleaned on daily/ weekly / biweekly basis depending on the incoming volume.

3. The floating oil (oil trapped) in the interceptor should be cleaned on daily/ weekly / biweekly basis depending on the incoming volume.

(a) Manual Scoop (Method 1)
     (i) To scoop the floating oil manually on regular basis.

(b) Oil Storage Tank (Method 11)
     (i) Refer to column on the oil storage tank application.

(c) Oil Skimmer (Method lil)
     (i) Oil Skimmer is pre-set to run on daily / weekly basis for certain time duration (depend on oil content) to skim up the floating oil and channel it to a separate oil container awaiting for disposal.


To achieve maximum efficiency and effectiveness FROSCO Oil Interceptor

1. The amount of debris such as sand, gravel, dirt, leaves, grass cuttings, etc., permitted to enter the system must be minimised. Perforated bucket of the sediment trap before the interceptor should be inspected and cleaned on a regular basis.

2. Automotive and truck engine crankcase oil should not be drained into the system Sludge and deposits present in the oil will significantly reduce the effectiveness of the interceptor.

3. Hydrocarbons entering the separator will be in a free non-emulsified state and capable of being separated from water in a gravity separator.

4. Detergents have a definite affinity for hydrocarbons. Wash water from truck wasting racks must be routed directly to a sanitary sewer of treated with special equipment. Water containing detergents must not be allowed to enter the system, unless the detergents are biodegradable.

5. Water flow rates are within the specification. Adequate water retention time will ensure proper separation of oil / water mixture.

A flow controller is advisable to install at the upstream of the unit to ensure no accidental discharge of oil during periods of excessive wastewater flow.


1. Stainless steel Body (paint sprayed FROSCO trade mark) - (both side).
2. Stainless steel Cover (embossed FROSCO trade mark).
3. Next to dosing hole a piece of PVC Plate with FROSCO trade mark, model and serial number.

4. Baffle (embossed FROSCO trade mark and serial number)

Note: We reserve all the rights to take up legal aclion againt those who copy our product and registered TRADE MARK.

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